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04-21-2013, 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
Hah. Me? Fanboy. You jest, sir.

The fact of the matter is that you were given 3 choices:
1. Accept the corrected stats and keep the phasers anyway.
2. Return the item for a full refund.
3. Keep using the item until you obtain a replacement, then return them for a full refund anyway.

Now, I fail to see how this is unfair to you in anyway.

This is what people asked for. I, for one, support this move: It preserves factional identity on both sides, rather than completely destroying the point of playing the original factions when Romulans can get it all, and still allows the choice in which C-Store toys you want in a reasonable and canonically supported manner: Through the sale of obsolete crap ships.

You cannot very well blame Cryptic for giving the people what they shouted about.

The Romulans aren't even DONE yet. Any change for any reason cannot therefore be considered a nerf, as there is no baseline from which to nerf.

I do not think it is your career that precludes your having friends as it is your horrible attitude.

This particular statement gives further reason to question your judgement, since, while rarely ever enforced, such behavior is technically considered to be against the TOS, and as such, it is not really wise to admit this in a public venue where it can be indelibly quoted like this...

Does your experience in Law Enforcement tell you that it is a good idea to admit to committing crimes in public?
I'd agree with the Romulan ship part of your post, if I could use something other than a DREADNOUGHT at T5.
Infinite possibilities have implications that could not be completely understood if you turned this entire universe into a giant supercomputer.
And I don't pretend to understand them.