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04-21-2013, 11:09 PM
Hi Milo.

A star cruiser is a reasonable ship for healing. however, your setup has 2 major concerns.

You run TT1, TT2, ST1 and ET1. They have all a shared cooldown of 15 seconds. This means you can only use 2 of them. I would go for only ET3 (and maybe TT1 for certain moments). With 2 maintenance engineer doffs, you can reduce the ET3 to the global cooldown, having a massive hull heal every 15 seconds, and moreover, it removes disables from viral matrix. Very usefull. For tactical abilities you can think of fire at will and attack pattern delta. Delta is also good defensive ability which you can use on team mates.

Also, you use 2 damage control engineers. With 2 purple you can reduce a EptX ability to 30 seconds cooldown. Now you use 2x EptS, so your damage control engineers are obsolete. You should change EptS1 to EptW1 (more damage) or EptA1 (more healing). Or ditch the damage control engineers for other doffs, and keep EptS1 and 2.

One final tip: you can try my F-button key bind (see key bind topic) for easy and quick distribution of heals.