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04-21-2013, 11:47 PM
Relay station: Active_
Origin: Wall Street Embassy, 74 Orionis
Addressee: Kyoto, Kenji and Stone, Blake T.
Encryption: medium

Subject: Your applications

Master Rizu,

it seems that you're already familiar with some forms of luxury but there's still more to be discovered. You should know how to handle delicate situations and let's hope you have an eye for business opportunities too.
You'll receive a little communique via private channels shortly with the information you'll need.

In case you haven't figured it out yourself, you just became a part of our staff.

Welcome aboard,

Blake T. Stone
Vice President of Quality Management


Master Dennison,

it seems your application became lost for a while but our staff department was able to recover it from all the different files. I've gotta say it ain't the best one we've seen so far but we've decided to give you a chance within the IND.
We'll watch your progress along us for a while and will make our final decision a little bit later.
Hope you ain't gonna disappoint us.


Blake T. Stone
Vice President of Quality Management