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04-22-2013, 12:15 AM
To me the bundle isn't as appealing since I've farmed Dil for so long it's crazy. I'll just buy the 4 ships I want instead of the 4 I want an the 4 I don't.

That being said I would think a couple things would make it more enticing:

- 4 Fleet Support Modules instead of Lockbox Keys.
- Service Bundle for one Romulan Character on the account. I don't know if this is possible but having the option to get this along with a set of Bank/Account Bank/Inventory slots (or some combo of those) and/or BOFF/DOFF slots (or again some combo) would make this infinitely more appealing.

As it stands I'll just wait for a ship sale...

On another subject. TOS Warbird. I get that it's meant to be stupid old but still I'd rather have seen maybe a Romulan Science Vessel or scout vessel from TNG instead. The TOS Warbird would have been a great way to encourage people to grab the TOS bundle even for their Romulan if Feds got a Connie, Roms the Warbird and it should also be updated with a KDF option like a D7 or something.

Though based on what I've played so far I'm assuming the TOS Romulan uniforms unlock as part of the Devidian Series rewards system.