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04-22-2013, 02:23 AM
Watch it. Then watch it again. Then watch it a third time.
does not make him ALIVE

Data is a sentient being.
A mechanical one
one indeed which could be mass produced (starfleet even considered it)

He is a machine, yes, but then again so are we (just of a different type).
You might be
Im not

Yes, he was built by a human, but then again, so are we (just in a different way).
and we also are possible to replicate
Data is just as alive as we are.
No he isn't
He does not breathe , eat , sleep , reproduce etc

The standards for being alive are not as cut and dry as "being a biological organism".
yes they are

Being a machine doesnt disqualify you from being alive.
it may allow you to be classified as sentient but not living
living beings breathe , eat , sleep , grow etc

So the fact that you can comment that Data isnt alive, proves you understand nothing about Trek.
its basic biology
he isn't alive
he himself freely admits to NOT being alive

You guys seem to want to define coffee makers as alive