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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Counter to your statement, I contend, sirrah, that RML only works reliably in Cure Normals-aka "Cure Space Nerf". In "elites" it only works where 3/5 or more of the team are, what you seem to think is "Half decent".

Cure Space Nerf's Raptors are about as tough as CSE's BoPs, spawn more slowly, etc. while Cure Nerf's Negh'vars are about on par with CSE's Raptors, both in terms of damage each does individually, and in terms of shield and hull health and use of abilities.

RML works GREAT in Cure Nerf, regardless of build-and that, sirrah, is the problem here-people thinking whatever junk builds they have are fine, because they worked in the Nerfed version of an STF.

So, they try it out in Elite, and fail the mission out. Otoh, Cure has a definite, predictable strategy in "Elite" play-if most of your team follows it, most of the time, they'll succeed, and if they're "Half decent" they'll pull the Optional with time to spare.

Because, Sirrah, it's predictable.

1, clear first wave of BoPs.
2. Clear lower tier of probes.
3. Clear upper Tier of Probes and the Negh'var/Raptor spawn.
4. Move to next target.
5. Repeat steps 2,3, and 4 until all three stacks have been reduced.
6. Pop cubes, moving "RIght/Middle/Left"- this narrows the frontage, and the Negh'var spawn from the Left has further to go to reach the Kang, giving the team the ability to finish the last cube quickly, before they arrive, then take them out-while one guy hails the Kang, securing the Optional with some room for bad luck to NOT blow the entire mission (aka someone getting invisitorped or somesuch.)

It is Predictable, it WORKS. going (RML)Stack-stack-stack only works if your team's 60% or more raw DPS machines (TacScorts with all the rep passives, the right set-pieces, and purple MkXII weapons fed by purple consoles)...except in Cure Nerf, where, like some of those school 'athletic functions' you get a purple ribbon for participation...
a half decent player (5-6k dps) can defend against bops and raptors (with a hint of cc you dont even need help on the first spawns), while the rest do rml (it will be slow, if those have crap dps, but that is doable, and not hard)

also I feel old for knowing that ancient tactic you are talking about. that is already proven to be inferior to mrrmll even on bad teams (and technically mrrmll is for bad teams)
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