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1: Feedback overview.

Continuing the New story arcs, i have been Blown away with the layouts and story Proposing. And Wow!, I start as a Civilian, This really is Immersive and has an Element to make players "Feel" Like The romulans which is Critical in my opinion to immerse the player into the role of being a romulan and to get the gist of how they feel and their Republic viewpoint on the tal Shiar plus the need to be left alone after their home world was Destroyed, the anger,Deception and uncertainties for this Ruined Empire. When that "Strange Ship" Destroy's the Romulan Civilians, i Was completely lost for words and my jaw just Dropped, i mean this is a wow factor.

2: What i want personally in STO

When i play STO, im looking for Emersion and story's that have "Feeling" and purpose "or" Reason to Defend, without those two "Feelings" and "Purpose Reasoning" make the Experience over all not logical and Meaningful,well Cryptic, you are really catching on to what end users want (Balance of Space and ground missions) and this is what makes a difference. Your hard work is quite "Felt" in this new Expansion for STO and i really can see that you had fun Making it and we all know that if your work is fun, so will the end result in the end users. I have been part of quite a lot of Beta's stretching to the Simulation games way back to day's of Sonic the Hedgehog, so i really know whats useful to you in terms of BETA Feedback. The Expectations of this Expansion is soly reliant on what Users want to See and if you cant, find way's to Compromise to the end users. This was not done in the past leaving the Klingon Empire High and dry with Stale Content. If i were you id look at the Klingon side and use that FE's as what not to do Respectively.

3: Critical missing Content

The lack of Voice over is a really bad letdown, Cryptic, it should be done in all missions because the Emotive Gest of Voice acting gives the user a far greater immersive Experience, and it should be regardless of cost, because,Well thats what users want and what makes you money, so Investing in being Evolutionary is the core issue i have with this game of all other issues. If you are "Thinking" about this, just do it, You must take risks to grow your company because this market is held alive only because of Content, Sto needs this Revised for your long term Goals. I can see some of this in Legacy of Romulus and the Federation sides, but is absent in parts of the game.

Another thing i see as being important for Sto is story arc Blending, No Arc Builds on the last and thus making the game Confusing, In Between arcs are one way of moving to the next Storyline Missions. Legacy of Romulus is a very exiting project and you are being bold, but i suggest you plus that, Really Tree off missions for alternate paths by use of Autogen map making and raise the max level from VA 50 to VA 140 Then plus it up non-linear once V.A is reached so that users can level up forever using the Levels after 140, lets say "Ambassidr" from their on giving continuous leveling up via Automaps with milestones every 50 Levels giving rewards of greater power and AI matching the player?


A: AI are not attacking after Server Disconnects and reloads allowing Easy killing of stationary Romulans on the Helix mission. They can be made to move once you shoot one, otherwise they just stand their and be Killed.

B: Blurry Sky's in Ground maps (Most of them)

C: Unknown invasion Ship near the Helix is too Hard for new players.

D: Frozen water animation seen During first reman Mission.

E: Ship in space sometimes lags and Strange Camera behaviour seems confused at what the primary ship being fired at in order to focus.

F: Strange ship in space battle causes crash to desktop if the user presses fire during its Teleportation mode (Has occurred 6 Times so far) Its random and so i cannot offer method of causing Bug.

5: "What i really like"

A: Overall, i love the Expansion, its really Engaging and story's are in good Context with other factions.

B: Singularity drive warp core Breach. WOW! when Romulan ships blow, they really do creating a Black hole, this is VERY VERY Creative.

C: Warp Cores- This concept really works and prolongs the entire journey as players look for the fastest Engine.

D: Finding Civilians to build a crew is outstanding, Critical and reflective of the Bruised Romulan Race offering Emersion and getting to know these officers is just 10/10.

6: "What i Dislike"

This is very hard to criticize this work as its practically Flawless to begin with, however, i will summarize these Dislikes.

A: The initial ship is too weak for the enemy's to be Fought, Lower the hit points for enemies Below level 10, this would Frustrate new users too much.

B: Textures in background are Blurry (Including the sky).

C: Preclude of the Romulan Missions. Now this was a significant let down for me, the Romulan story is out of Timeline with the other factions, lacking the following.

D : Intro does not indicate Clearly at what point in time the Romulan missions start out (Eg, is this a preclude "OR" is it Equal with other faction timeline?) This is critical to be Explained at the beginning to save Confusion and let down of player Experience.

E: If new romulus has already been found, the why do we have to go find whats clearly already Established, it does not Link well with Story reducing Consistency and lowering User satisfaction due to conflicting story's. Try to make it a separate map during the Search for new Romulus mission so the user Feels that they are really the one choosing new Romulus?

7: "More Feedback to come as i progress testing further"

Best Regards: Jared AKA Azurerail1.