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Romulan cloak only suffered if they went above warp six, it makes no sense for the cloak to suffer at any impulse speed. Additionally, they have had years to improve their cloak beyond that, so those limitations have probably been remedied/improved.
There were at least three instances in DS9 that I can think of that cloaked vessels were tracked at sublight speed. In The Search, DS9 detected the cloaked Defiant- which wasn't moving- albeit only at 300 meters range. In The Die is Cast, DS9 picked up "high concentrations of tetryon particles" and a variety of other technobabble moving toward the station which... resolved itself into a bunch of cloaked ships. Similarly, In The Search II, The Jem'Hadar seemed capable of penetrating the Defiant's cloaking device at sublight speed until they cut main power.

What exactly are we talking about when we say "hail"?
The only specific example that bothers me is hailing someone who's out there looking for you specifically; anything else I imagine is to vague to be particularly obvious.

I think the reason why they don't allow one to scan objects while cloaked is that klingons could easily do the first part of kerrat without having to engage probes or spheres because they could just do that whole part cloaked and they probably felt that advantage was a little too great.
Scanning is one of those events that, at least in general, requires some violations of EMCON protocols. The Romulan ship in "The Pegasus" didn't keep its cloak up while scanning the asteroid field, despite that it would have been a significant strategic advantage. Similarly, in the two episodes where we hear the most about actual cloaking mechanics- The Search II and Face of the Enemy- it is repeatedly emphasized how important it is to avoid high energy operations that would leak through the cloaking device. I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that using high energy active sensors ultimately defeats the purpose of the cloaking device by radiating enough energy that someone can track it.