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04-22-2013, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
So I sadly don't have enough Nukara marks to unlock the Tholian Refracting Tetryon weapons, but I can see the console stats:

From the Tier 2 Nukara Strike Force Reputation:

Universal Console- Nukara Particle Converter
Very Rare Universal Console- Cannot Equip More than One Of This Item

+5 Shield Power Setting
+17.3 Starship Power Insulators
+17.3 Starship Particle Generators
+10% Accuracy With Beam Weapons

Immediate first thought: I love the idea. Gives a nice boost to beams for cruisers and science ships, and seems to fit with the Tholian's idea of heavy reliance on beam weapons.
Sounds perfect to me. I wonder if the tier 5 click ability (the isoetric charge esque tetryon burst ability will get a boost from perticle gens.)

At the very least it makes beams a more viable choice for pvp, especially since we're getting the special dual beam bank. I reckon it would be worth even without the acc bonus just for the boost to shield power and insulators.

Putting 15k dil aside for this one.

EDIT: I dont suppose you can see the name/details of the set bonuses?