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04-22-2013, 06:31 AM
Given the mechanical structure of the game, where every ship has about 6-8 guns, and otherwise identical stats, except Escorts have better stats, why is it surprising that just about any change benefits Escorts more and hurts Escorts less?

Let's face it: Even if you buffed beams to the point where they were better than cannons, you'd just stick the same beams on Escorts and be better again still. Short of creating unique mechanics that apply specifically only to non-Escortesques, such as items that ONLY Cruisers or Science Ships can use, Escorts can simply do just about everything PvE-relevant better. The new EPTS changes, for instance, make cruisers completely obsolete, while actually making escorts better! If you want the ponderous yet powerful feel that Cruiser gameplay fails to deliver on? Fly a carrier.