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Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post
Actually I just mounted my Orange Fleet Phasers and continue to have at it.

I can hear myself think, It's a higher life form trait, and what is perceived as whining from those less evolved and thus unable to understand is actually intelligent unbiased (non fanboy) observations.

So now Romulans can't use T5 Fed of Klingon ships? Awesome, Thank You Sir can I have another LOL.

Actually this makes sense and I approve of this move. I just figured the juxtaposition of the progressing Romulan nerfs may jar some out of their "I have a sandwich so he can't be starving" forum mindsets.

Feel free to continue to hurl abuse if you can't understand however, It is a primate trait to hurl **** at what they can't understand.

People in Law Enforcement have few "friends" as such. My Fleet is occupied by a few relatives that have RL families that preclude them from playing video games. I maintain their ships and level their Toons when I can so they benefit from the fun and not the "work" part of this MMO.
You know someone has lost an argument when they throw either the racial supremacy or personal attack card.

Cryptic made an error with the andorian weapons. They corrected the issue and gave everyone the option for a full refund on the gear if you didn't like the change. In the long run, the change was very minor. You can hardly even notice the difference in performance. And we all knew the change was going to happen. Anyone who did the basic math could see that they had more base damage than intended.

It's a video game that you can play for free. None of your comparisons to cars hold any weight because cars and video games are nothing alike. Video games are in constant development, they are subject to change. There is a very very clear statement about that in the terms of service you accepted when you started playing this game. Cars are not under constant development. You don't see car companies showing up at your door to make changes to your vehicle.

As for your remark about having few friends. Have you ever stopped to think that it may have something to do with the way you act? Look at yourself in this thread. You are acting like you are racially superior to everyone that has a counter argument to what you say. Most people don't put up with that, you aren't any better or any worse than anyone here.