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04-22-2013, 06:52 AM
What can I say, more grind, at least a month, you got 10 toons, prepare to do another 10 toon repu, awesome!

Oh wait i forgot about the new romulan toons you all wanted to create, triple repu now on all of them happy grinding to tier 5! We all love it so much.

And for the tip of the iceberg, newcomers to PvP enjoy this part the most, it adds another 1/2 months before they are equally viable as other PvPers with the same advantage. Widen the already huge gap between newbies and old skool players even more. Yay!

What can I say, great.

I would seriously consider putting in a Z-store token of 2000 zen to simply let us buy our way to Tier 5, because I certainly will buy that.

Its kinda sad, because I actually kinda like the reputation system, the grind is just way too long and time consuming.