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04-22-2013, 06:54 AM
Originally Posted by radkip View Post
Chain knockback is officially here to stay; The "Knockdown Immunity" buff you get when someone knocks you over is now gone on Tribble. And no, Surefooted does not make people immune to knockback like it is (was?) supposed to.

And Ground PvP was starting to get better. Oh well. Time to move onto a game that isn't intentionally broken.

From what I've seen on tribble, willpower got nerfed a bit and that's a good thing IMO. Stun pistols actually do something! Chain knockback isn't staying. According to mrkollins, Bort has said this will be addressed after LoR goes live. Get a [pbkb] shield to at least help deal with people exploiting it with swords for now.

As for the post about WM. that's what power cells are for. That's what taking cover is for. It hardly lasts long enough to even be an issue and is cleared and countered easily. Should dampening field be nerfed because more then one sci can use it? As for cover shields. One tachyon harmonic will destroy it no matter how much HPs it has. If you don't have a sci to do that it can be annoying but no reason to cry nerf. Engineer options have become increasingly limited and that shield has a variety of uses. Most use it to protect themselves while they deploy pets and that's kinda the idea behind a COVER shield!