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# 1 Loop effect with the defiant
04-22-2013, 07:04 AM
I have a problem when flying with the defiant. As soon as I turn at a high speed it suddenly goes into a loop, going back and forward very quickly. It is only happening when the ship is at a high speed. I don't kow what todo anymore. To stop the loop I have to click 5 or 6 times on the main screen, then the ship slow down and return to normal. This only happening with the defiant and no other ship.

My system specs is as follow :

os: windows vista premium 32 bit.
Processor : AMD Sempron 2700 Mhz
Memory : 4 Gig DDR 1333 Mhz corsair XMX 2
Graphic: Nvidia GT 220 512 Mgb memory.
DirectX: Version 11
Broadband: 670 Kbit/sec dowload speed. 1Mgbit upload speed.

I am playing via HDMI on My TV.
Resolution: 1280x720 @ 60hz

If someone could help me please.

PS: I am playing on low setting.