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04-22-2013, 08:15 AM
Intro: as many have said, subtitles go past too fast to read. Beautifully done colony, wish there was a way to explore it again in its full glory.

Explore the Flotilla: Someone (Temer?) tells you that you will receive a stipend of 2000 credits. You don't receive any such credits.

Crossroads at Crateris: The explody shuttle is REALLY out of place; 99% of the environment isn't destructible, but the one shuttle blows up without warning from a stray shot? Very unpleasant surprise. We either need warning that this ONE piece of scenery is fragile, or it needs to be not fragile. If you insist on making it damagable by weapons, make the penalty for damaging mean you have to spend a bit of time repairing it. Otherwise, it serves no purpose.

The Search for New Romulus: I LOVED that when fighting animals on the surface, you drove them off rather than killed them. Final battle with the Tholian Commander was quite difficult, considering the resources we had available. I don't think it should need to be nerfed, but keep an eye out for those one-shot kills, guys.

Turning Point: My first and strongest impression really want the Romulans to side with the Klingons, don't you? I HATE playing a Klingon, and planned for this character to go Fed all along, but the mission severely tempted me to go Klingon anyways. Why? The Federation offers you NOTHING but diplomatic banalities and distrust. The Klingons at the end, though, consider you strong, honorable warriors that they respect. Why would anyone whose first character was a Romulan pick the Federation? My suggestion to fix this would be to have your character work with someone from the Federation briefly on a scientific, repair, or exploring issue. The Federation offers rebuilding and protection, with peaceful (well, they try) exploration on the side, while the Klingons offer glory, conquest, and aid in striking back at a mutual enemy...but again, all we see from the conference is the Feds offering diplomatic banalities from Jiro and distrust from T'nae.

Still Turning Point: Also, when you're patrolling with Ja'rod in space, the Anomalies you're investigating should count as anomalies for your V scan; I found it amusing to be told "there are 0 anomalies in the system" when there's an anomaly RIGHT in front of me.

That's all I can think of for this arc.