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Originally Posted by danturner View Post
And there you have it: another stupid Call of Duty griefer who doesn't have the intelligence to comprehend that PvE and PvP




Kerrat is presented as a PvE mission. It has objectives and the Borg AI as an enemy. It has no business mixing in PvP.

Too bad you can't seem to comprehend this. Maybe if all the Fed players started reporting the Klingon players for "harrassment" Cyrptic would take notice that this is broken...
PvP and PvE mix pretty good. Of course Ker'rat is rarly played as it should with both faction kicking and screaming to win the match. Usually Feds are ignoring Klinks and Klinks are ignoring mission.

And Ker'rat is not presented as PvE mission: "We must continue fighting for resources to cut off the flow of supplies going back to the Klingon Empire."

Does it sound like PvE mission? Or this: "Enter any War Zone by travelling to Kerrat in the Donatu Sector". Perhaps this: "Mission: War Zone of Klingon Foragers"

Plus - if you do not like Klinks killing you grow some balls and get at them. They are bunch of whinny brats and if Feds organize and kill them few times in a row - they leave. After it you can farm in peace.

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