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Originally Posted by theeishtmo View Post
I have a better question:

Has anyone actually FAILED it? You know, let the Vault get stolen? Even with the most unorganized Pugs, I've never seen it come all that close. Almost want to get a group together just to fail it.
Not by intent. But I had a run that, after a minute, I realized the four other players had buggered off and left, so it was one HEC trying to chase down all the weavers.

SPOILER (for what it's worth):
When the net would hit 100%, you get a cutscene where Obisek mentions that the Vault has some distateful but highly effective defenses. There is no web after the cutscene, though I didn't notice any specific weapon effects. I suspect thalaron shenanigans.

The final battle is the same: a battle group with a tarantula, a couple recluses, a few orbs, and small swarm of meshes; and a named tarantula.

And no, I don't know why I didn't leave when I realized I was alone. Stubbornness, I guess.