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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
First off, the 'de-cloak on popup' was not there at the beginning of the game. Something about the way messages were handled on maps changed, and broke it. Unfortunately, fixing it requires touching every map, so it isn't practical. Right now, you should not expect that there will ever be a game-wide solution.

But what kind of maps SHOULD be fixed? That is the better question.
IF thats the case then it should be simple to fix as the mechanic that broke the original mechanic didn't touch every map.

Also, MES doesn't drop on comms, does it ? Perhaps fixing the cloak would entail a redesign of the entire mechanic from scratch. But just remember STO doesn't copy other games cloak mechanic nor canon use of the cloak, the cloaking device in STO is a unique device mechanic found ONLY in this game, and DS says it's working the way HE wants it to work. He is the J.J.Abrams of the ST gaming world.
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