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Originally Posted by danturner View Post
I'm finding it very, very funny that you can't argue against this point:

They have completely different layout needs. You saying the "devs did this, they did that because" misses that its two incompatible modes cellotaped together. It is broken and needs to be fixed.
and here, we have a fine example of someone who just does NOT get it...

to be fair, however, you should definitely stay out of Ker'rat, Mr. Danturner, definitely. It's not for you. Also should stay off fact, stay out of any of the designated "Battlegrounds" where the rest of us go to mix PvP and PvE and have a good time doing so. You should stick to "Gorn Minefield" and "Starbase 24" and the Featured Episodes, and when you get to level-cap, STF's.

There are only TWO things (2 things) broken in Ker'rat:

The repeatedly broken Borg animations, and the respawn point at reset, which the second is arguable, as a lot of Feds build their whole strategy for the warzone on camping that point, since it's the only bottleneck on the map and they really can't handle 'free flight' against an opponent in a smaller, lighter, more fragile ship capable of cloak.

The concept (which is not taken off CoD, but off of WoW) is a "Battleground", where both PvP AND PvE are 'live'.

By accepting the mission, you are accepting the underlying conditions OF the mission: that,in addition to fighting the AI, you MAY become a target of another Player.

It's obvious you can't accept that, so please, avoid going there.
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