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04-22-2013, 10:07 AM
Overall impression so far is very good.

Kind of an interesting direction having you acquire your BOFFs along the way similar to old Baldur's Gate or similar.

BOFFs came with non-terrible powers choices for space, although giving Tovan Lunge for his Lt skill on ground is pretty questionable...

Going from the junky old school Rom warbird to the newer Warbird (Dhael) almost feels like you hit the jackpot.

Could we get an RCS console available somewhere, shipyard vendor even?

The arc itself has good pacing, the VO stuff I'll check out once it's in place.

The space enemies feel really weak, although they might be challenging for newer players.

On the one hand, they kind of need to be weak because you barely have any abilities available to you, on the other hand I've gone beyond this arc and by L16 I can't say I've been realistically threatened more than once (I decided to see if I could die by plasma shockwaving the entire Tal Shiar fleet - you can.)

Visually it looks fantastic, and while unrelated the new UI feels lighter and the whole gameplay feels crisper as a result.

Enjoying it so far, not much but minor nitpicks on spelling and some slightly too Americanized slang choices for the Roms from time to time.