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04-22-2013, 10:08 AM
IMHO pvp is the reason that dps is the only thing that works quickly or correctly in pve because of a poorly thought out reason to get people into pvp. I personally dislike pvp so I avoid it. If you like pvp good for you but do not tell the players that prefer pve that they MUST pvp by having the game balanced for pvp only, which is what SEEMS to be happening

I think that all items should have 2 sets of stats 1 for pvp and 1 for pve that way balance is separate. That way if balance is out in pve, pvp is not affected but that will not happen because it requires too much work.

And for the record I have effectively been around since launch, but my finances have never been good enough to purchase a sub, my roommate has been a sub since launch and I have played through his account until STO went F2P

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