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If we are bringing up CC or CE, then a funny/infuriating moment for me was a clown in some weak-a** cruiser warped if with a laundry list of injuries.........I had been drinking so I decided to engage him........Then event went without any major issues but he/she/it blatantly said that I ,and by extension the team, were expected to carry he/she/it through the instance. Comments like "It's not like this is instance is hard." or "LOL blah blah blah I havent played this toon in forever" (What was LOL about that I have no idea....).....So I flat out asked does one think it's ok to force the team to carry you? which I got one word "yes"..............y'all may think I overreacted or whatever(again I had been drinking) but I reported that obnoxious turd..........

Edit: I was arguing the principle of the matter....which has spilled over into most if not all PvE PUG events...and rarely some of the channels.....
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