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Crossroads at Crateris: The explody shuttle is REALLY out of place; 99% of the environment isn't destructible, but the one shuttle blows up without warning from a stray shot? Very unpleasant surprise. We either need warning that this ONE piece of scenery is fragile, or it needs to be not fragile. If you insist on making it damagable by weapons, make the penalty for damaging mean you have to spend a bit of time repairing it. Otherwise, it serves no purpose.

The Search for New Romulus: I LOVED that when fighting animals on the surface, you drove them off rather than killed them. Final battle with the Tholian Commander was quite difficult, considering the resources we had available. I don't think it should need to be nerfed, but keep an eye out for those one-shot kills, guys.
About the shuttle at Crossroads, I got the feeling that it was supposed to explode no matter what you did, so that it was the oh frak but what else could we do moment. But that was just my feeling.

And about the Tholian Commander, I didn't have that hard a time with him, but I've played ground before, and I know the tricks with it. I remember I did get killed, but my bridge officers got me right back up and they also managed to finish him mostly. Maybe a tip about using focus fire or someone saying something about picking them off one at a time.

I did feel that this arc seemed to go by way too fast, its like, oh we lost our old home, and all these other people have lost their old home. But wait, here's our new home, handy no? I felt that it would have been more telling to have the foltilla be our base for a while longer, and stretch out finding New Romulus.

Also, I know anyone already in the game will know, but its kinda telling when the sector map has Dewa III/New Romulas on it while you're looking for New Romulas.

And finally, not really specific to this arc, but it starts here. You can go get a new ship at New Romulas when you rank up, but you can't customize it there, only at the foltilla. Also, unless I missed it, you can't train bridge officers, or changes costumes at New Romulas either. Will this be added in later?

Also echoing all the cries about the Feds not wanting you enough. It would be nice if you protected the planet with both a KDF and a Fed ship, and that you could run errands for the Feds like you do with the KDF ambasadors.
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