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IMHO pvp is the reason that dps is the only thing that works quickly or correctly in pve because of a poorly thought out reason to get people into pvp. I personally dislike pvp so I avoid it. If you like pvp good for you but do not tell the players that prefer pve that they MUST pvp by having the game balanced for pvp only, which is what SEEMS to be happening

I think that all items should have 2 sets of stats 1 for pvp and 1 for pve that way balance is separate. That way if balance is out in pve, pvp is not affected but that will not happen because it requires too much work.

And for the record I have effectively been around since launch, but my finances have never been good enough to purchase a sub, my roommate has been a sub since launch and I have played through his account until STO went F2P
Obviously you DON'T PvP much, else you'd know that DPS isn't the be-all/end-all of PvP (anyone who's faced a team of sci can attest to this). By contrast with PvE-most of which has content that is HIGHLY DPS dependent, PvP requires other skills than "Hit the spacebar-hard as you can, over and over again".

In fact, when Hive Onslaught (PvE mission, STF classification) was debuted, the Borg were using de-buffs, buffs, team-heals and assorted goodies you NOW only see in PvP-at the time, it was the only STF you couldn't faceroll with a team of Tacs in Escorts.

Now, of course, it's been nerfed, and nerfed HARD, and you can now roll it with a team of 'scorts, just like the rest of the STFs-but that was at the request of...

(Drumroll please, thankyew)

PVE players. The PvP'ers who tried it out on tribble LIKED IT, it was the people (like yourself) who only PvE who had a problem figuring out how to beat the mission.

Now, in PvE there IS a lack of other content-needs more puzzles and less reflex-practice, more options than the linear railroad that is the featured episodes stack, and storline material that includes moral dilemnas, characterization, and in-game reasoning rather than out-of-game blog/articles to explain how the storyline is coming out...but that, friend, is a matter of laziness and resource allocation on the corporate/development end, and NOT because of PvP, the PvP community, or the PvP players.

Hell, if PvP'ers had that much influence, we'd see "Territory Control", more open battlegrounds, open-ended PvP, the elimination of cheese consoles, tractor-beam/drain pets, reductions in the effectiveness of the Rep passives, and a tracking of standings for Arena, C&H, and Ker'rat, and there would be more than three space maps and two ground maps devoted to the activity.

Please note: none of those has come to pass, none of it is LIKELY to come to pass. The RARE times that Dev decisions happened to coincide with the desires of the PvP crowd (and they ARE rare) come about when the Devs deliver something to the market, then, after it goes "live", discover that they screwed it up badly and the 'Challenging' PvE scenarios are getting facerolled because of a bug they introduced that the PvP'ers told them was a bug weeks to MONTHS prior. (i.e. the T4 Rep shield passive, which only got an official developer balance pass because PUGS were starting to clean up on "No Win Scenario", ditto for TBR's, etc. etc.)

Yes, the PvP community is vocal, but that doesn't mean they're LISTENED TO by the developers outside of rare instances where their observations of the mechanics has uncovered unwanted/undesired flaws due to shoddy code work on the Developer's part.

The rebalance of the EPTx (emergency power to "x" where x may equal shields, weapons, engines or aux) on tribble now has a lot of PvP'ers worried, and a lot of them very pleased-depending on how dependent they've gotten on certain powers being "absolute necessities" to the point of stacking said powers and avoiding builds that don't/can't use them. Notably, what this means for you, is that you'll probably need to readjust your build if you're relying too heavily on Emergency to Shields in your STF runs (don't know why you would, though-there are other engineering powers that are darn handy to have-like Emergency to WEapons, which will get a longer duration-good for cracking cubes or gates if you're not a Tac, or emergency t engines to get you across the map in Khitomer faster, and is also getting a boost, and what Sci out there can't use more duration on Emergency to Aux in Cure, Khitomer, or Hive Onslaught?)

IN this case, it's the PvP community doing the beta testing for changes you likely won't bother to go on Tribble to test for yourself.

DPS is so prominent in this game specifically because it's easier to give NPC's gross loads of hit points and obscene shielding, than it is to use a decent AI with a good selection of skills-they tried it once, and the response from the PVE players was so obnoxiously loud and whiney that they nerfed it down again.

Oh...and when was the last time you tried to run Terradome? When was the last time you, as a PvE player, sat down for a saturday and ran all the STF's, back-to-back, ground/space/ground/space? Remember when those used to be challenging? Remember when they told a story?

Remember when you used to have to run ALL the STF missions to get the special gear? That's all gone because of PVE players.
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