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Worth noting is that turn rate already has an inherent diminishing return to it: If you can pull a 180 faster than your guns can cycle, more just makes your ship harder to control, and at some point your turn rate can be considered to be on-a-dime, and more is simply superfluous and doesn't improve your performance.
"Diminishing returns" as discovered by the USAF, right? (the F-16 is capable of manuevers that are not humanly possible to execute, much less survive. One of the core pieces of software it has, is a G-Limiter to prevent the pilot from killing himself, and the bird, by over-exuberant manuevering.)

For your Cruiser pilots worried about the Escorts getting more of a buff from RCS than anyone, please remember-the twitchier your ship is past a certain point, the harder it is to line up good shots. I have a friend (actually the guy who got me INTO this game) whom, in his first experience with a BoP/KDF character, sat in my office complaining about how 'twitchy' the ship was, and how he wanted to go back to his Fed-style cruisers with the handling he understood better.

I pointed him to the Commander-level K'tinga, and now he is happy(er).

On the whole, as the Dev said, this is a good thing for the Cruiser users out there, along with sci ship users, but it's kind of insignifcant to us BoP drivers-we already HAVE ships that run the edge of controllable without needing a console to buff turn rate, and while it may help some sorts of Escorts (bugships), it's not really a significant contribution to most escorts, regardless of how high the bonuses are.

You don't benefit if your turn rate exceeds the speed of your control inputs.
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