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04-22-2013, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
They were spike, and they still can be spike.

However healing has gotten so out of control at this point that DHCs+CRF are actually "pressure damage".

Drunk even DHCs with CRF are often neutralized without SNB at this point in most mid/high level team play.
oh i know, im in some of those mid to high level matches atleast once a week. one lasted almost 2 hours last night. anyone with the right elite shield and full stacks and any healer attention in such a match is invincible. at least i was, entire team focus, 3 subnukes, i survived such a thing 5 of 6 times and didn't die once in my steamrunner. the 1 target we could kill had a similar setup, and it took 3 subnukes every time to kill him.

to me that doesn't make DHCs pressure. that just proves how broken elite shields are. nothing is spike in mid to high level play. its just a combination of everything you can throw at a target, 3 snbs, and luck.
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