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04-22-2013, 11:18 AM
Indeed, having been playing the Romulan closed beta on tribble, I'm getting used to the pleasures and perils of Battle Cloaks.

Cloak merely masks you from sensors, you're still physically occupying space, as evidenced by ST:4.

When you cloak the torp should lose its target lock and continue on its vector. If you stay in its flight path, its gonna hit, alter course and you should be safe.

Thats how it should work. Unfortunately, the game handles targeting and weapons in some really weird ways from what I've read.

Fire at Will and Cloaks is another issue. If FAW is meant to be a 'randomly shoot everywhere and hope you hit something' ala Nemesis, it should have a chance of hitting your cloaked ship. If however FAW is meant to be a \distribute fire between all currently known targets', then there should be no chance of it hitting a cloaked ship, unless, its in the line of fire between you and a known target.

Again, due to the way the game handles targeting, some abilities, sadly, do not work as they should.
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