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Originally Posted by messahla View Post
So basically a copy paste edition of "Lets just do what weve done before"
It has a singulatiry core right? So it will be doing things different than either of the other factions' ships at both T3 and the retrofit at T5?

Also, it has a battle cloak too? Making it very different from the Federation escorts?

The Mogai Retrofit's stats look really good from what I saw posted. It's turn rate is a bit meh, but it's got some good science BOFF slots that I think will make it quite effective at that level.

I'm torn between getting the 20 buck starter pack for the Retrofit BoP or getting the Retrofit Mogai as my end-game Romulan ship. It all hinges on what a T5 Retrofit Mogai can do. As it really does seem to be one of the best ships the Romulans will get in May. But that enhanced battle cloak on the Retro BoP is mighty enticing.