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04-22-2013, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by captyoung01 View Post
Hello to all,

Like many forum posters here, I will say that I do appreciate being able to play as a Romulan Character for such a test. I have had very little trouble, but that is for another Topic.

I know the Episode level and Episodes have stopped at 21, so does anyone know when we are going to be able to continue playing the rest of them? I do understand that testing needs time, feedback and bug fixes etc.
They'll bump up the limit when they're ready for us to start testing the other content. They've said (in multiple places) that it's not ready yet, which is why we haven't had access to it. Even the content we have now is still a work in progress (as evidenced by the lack of voiceovers, the animation bugs, and the spelling/grammar issues in some dialogue).

When exactly? I dunno. Probably a week, maybe two.

Originally Posted by captyoung01 View Post
Also is there a reason why the Subcommander promotion can not be completed? I still have the "Promotion in progress" yet I have spoken to everyone on the quest list and got my Mogai ship. par for that course I am still leveling to boot! Though I stopped at level 23 just in case.

Thanks all, enjoy your time testing , I know I am ^^.
I'm guessing that's the "hacky way" Zero mentioned in the patch notes thread. I talked to a couple people who have ground their way up to 30, and they did not receive any promotions. Presumably that's because the Subcommander mission hasn't completed, and it's Cryptic's way of preventing you from getting ships that aren't working yet (i.e. the D'deridex and Ha'apax).

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