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04-22-2013, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by cuatela View Post
They'll bump up the limit when they're ready for us to start testing the other content. They've said (in multiple places) that it's not ready yet, which is why we haven't had access to it. Even the content we have now is still a work in progress (as evidenced by the lack of voiceovers, the animation bugs, and the spelling/grammar issues in some dialogue).

When exactly? I dunno. Probably a week, maybe two.

I'm guessing that's the "hacky way" Zero mentioned in the patch notes thread. I talked to a couple people who have ground their way up to 30, and they did not receive any promotions. Presumably that's because the Subcommander mission hasn't completed, and it's Cryptic's way of preventing you from getting ships that aren't working yet (i.e. the D'deridex and Ha'apax).
A work in progress I suppose . But I was mainly just wondering if someone has read any updated information on whats to come and when. Oh well, I can wait another week .