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Originally Posted by assimilatedktar View Post
They had a single, what 150 year old, small warbird that is perfectly well explained in the story if you actually bother to play?
And it barely worked - the first thing you do is scavenge parts to get it working, and in the next few missions your new boffs join and complain about how broken things still are and how lucky you are that you didn't blow yourself up yet.

Homeworlds are more than a city. Most of the colonies shown in the shows had hundreds, sometimes a few thousand inhabitants. Even a population in the millions, the size of a large city on the affiliated homeworld, was reserved for very long established colonies.

The equivalent on Earth of what happened to Romulus would be destroying Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and just leaving the islands. Just think about that for a moment, a world where Australia and New Zealand is 90% of the population. Most navies would still be there, minus the ones that were in port during the destruction. They'd just be there, floating around without much left worth fighting over. Give it 40 years and you would have a lot of naval ships sitting derelict offshore of the farming communities that absorbed their crews.

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