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Originally Posted by cptwilliam2 View Post
Change your perspective, absolutely.

But, losing just you homeplanet which would be equivalent to a major city in a current country, would not suddenly turn everyone into farmers who also have naval battleships.

Losing Romulus and Remus would be more like the U.S. losing Washington D.C... Not just Los Angeles or New York. They are thrown into severe and dire conflicts because not only did they lose their home-world, in that they also lost the seat of their Government.

Yes, there are other Romulan Colony worlds where they already had farmers... but with Sela and the Tal Shiar having no Senate to reign them in at all.. they've gone out and royally screwed with the "rest of us". Think the Nazi SS, or the Russian KGB overthrowing their Government and taking over.

And, yes.. they had access to a "naval battleship" .. a 150 year old ship that they had to salvage parts for before they could fully function.

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