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Originally Posted by cptwilliam2 View Post
Okay, so its old, just like if i were to find an old sailing ship and in a few minutes toss some metal and guns on that sucker, im sure it makes sense it could fight off brand new modern battleships.

It was an empire, a lot of populated worlds and people. I get alot of people died, but it doesnt seem feasible that it would turn people into peaceful farmers who inexplicably can operate antique yet combat capable military hardware.

Wouldn't it make more sense if you're a farmer whose colony is attacked and you join the Romulan Republic's defense Force and go back to liberate your colony?
First off i was not a farmer....when I spoke to the lore woman she asked me what i was, and said I was part of the original crew who came to the world after Romulus exploded, so i have ship experience.

Also your colony was not occupied they took everyone...when you come back no one is there.
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