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when i saw a trailer a few months back, i noticed the weapons in some of these officers hands are not phaser based but projectile based... we in the future or the past? granted there was one use of projectile based weapons used in the federation with transporter technology involved, but even that was abandoned.

ricorosebud, i will not lighten up, abrams has destroyed trek and that is the end of it as far as i am concerned.the first reboot was completely over the top and hardly any substance to the film beyond the cgi effects which was probably the only thing going for it..
I wasn't addressing you personally, but you seem to have taken it personally. Which says something. But you don't need to call me out.

Bolded the important part there for ya.

Will pitching a fit on the STO forums make the movie go away? I highly doubt anyone involved with the film is reading anything here. You want the forumites to know you are displeased? I think we got ya. Mission accomplished.

I've stated this before: I personally think Voyage Home and Nemesis 'destroyed Trek' or 'were not Trek' but what can you do? They still exist. I do not however tell people who enjoy them that their opinion is wrong, insult them, or question their loyalty to the franchise just because they like something I don't. Yeah, you and those like the people I just described DO need to chill.

"the end of it as far as i am concerned" ? I sincerely hope so!

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