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And just to be tediously clear, any player in any career path can fly any class of ship at any time as long as you meet the rank requirement for that ship.

You could theoretically keep an escort, cruiser, and science vessel around to fly. The downside is that you may need to get new equipment, respec your skills, and retrain your bridge officers to optimize your performance in a different ship.

Which basically means you either skill up to fly all kinds of ships at average performance for all of them, or you fly one ship or one class of ship and specialize in it.

Before you trash your cruiser, though, you should be aware that there is a change coming to the RCS Accelerator consoles that will improve turn rate for slow ships like the Galaxy and other cruisers. Between that, and the correct skills, and the right engine power level, and engines with a good turn modifier on them they might end up turning somewhat better if you optimize for it. Also, some cruisers turn better than others. You won't out-turn an escort, but it might be tolerable.
Regarding purchase of ships:

As started in an earlier reply, C-Store ships can be used by any of your characters (as long as their rank is equal or higher for that tier of ship), they can also be dismissed and reclaimed again later...

Ships that can be purchased with Dilithium in game, can only be used on THAT character. If it is dismissed, you have to buy it again. Same goes for Lockbox ships.

I hope all of this is clear now.
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