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Few more things I was thinking about:
New Romulus Command Center:
Where did that come from? One mission I'm scouting out the planet, then a couple of missions later I'm told to go to the Command Center (which looks nearly completed), with no explanation of how it got there. I expected at least a popup from Nabel (Nebal?) or D'Tan saying "We've recently completed construction of a Command Center on New Romulus, when you get a chance I'd like you to head over there for a tour."
It was just odd to me that it appeared with no explanation.

Mind Game:
First off, I love this mission premise. The one thing I could think of to improve it would be to add some penalty for resisting, like an electric shock from an implant or something. Something more than just Sela saying, "No, try again." Oh, and I'm VERY happy I got a Tal Shiar uniform. I was hoping for one of those! Which leads me to...

More costume options:
The costumes look great but I wish there were more, particularly more than one skirt, and shoes. We're civilians, and the best we can get are short boots?

Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
And finally, not really specific to this arc, but it starts here. You can go get a new ship at New Romulas when you rank up, but you can't customize it there, only at the foltilla. Also, unless I missed it, you can't train bridge officers, or changes costumes at New Romulas either. Will this be added in later?
I was able to, but you have to go up the ramp on the right side from where you come in. The ship tailor is at the end of that platform. On FED allied at least.

The BOFF trainer I think was in the larger room across from the Admiral. Not sure about the tailor.

All the more reason we should have an optional 'Tour the Command Center' mission, like you get for ESD.

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