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I've stated this before: I personally think Voyage Home and Nemesis 'destroyed Trek' or 'were not Trek' but what can you do? They still exist.
I will politely disagree with you on the topic of The Voyage Home (the "Save the Whales Episode," as I often call it) - I felt that it played out like a feature-length version of a TOS episode, save that Shatner no longer required his character to have all the good dialog. (That was a bit of an issue on the TOS set...)

Nemesis, though, lost me right at the beginning, with Action!Hero!Picard! driving a jeep through the desert, Worf firing a pintel-mounted phaser rifle at locals mounted on horses, as though the Prime Directive didn't exist and they didn't have gravity-control technology - well, up until they had to do the dramatic charge off the (cliff? hill? I can't be arsed to remember) into the open hatch on the back of a shuttlecraft - all in pursuit of some abandoned Soong android technology that had no reason to be on the world it was on, and which they could have quietly beamed down to and acquired at night, while the local Bedouin-standins were asleep.

My roommate, whose tolerance is higher than mine, tells me about the specs they gave for the Scimitar, and I wonder why the ship didn't just eat Starfleet for breakfast - the damned thing had enough disruptor banks and torpedo bays to stop a Unimatrix.

That, if you like, wasn't Trek. That's part of why there were no more movies set in the main timeline - it was undergoing Michael Bay Syndrome. Rebooting it was the only way to save the universe. (At least, that's what we were taught in VOY, that the Reset Button solves everything...)

The 2009 movie, though, felt more like Star Trek to me than anything that's hit the cinemas since The Undiscovered Country, at least. Pine, Quinto, and Urban looked and felt like the Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley that I remembered from my youth. Of course this Kirk is even more brash and arrogant than Kirk Prime - he never served as a lieutenant on the Farragut, and never spent years blaming himself for not shooting in time at the thing that ate his crewmates. He's never experienced failure the way Kirk Prime did. I think that's part of the theme of Into Darkness, at least if the trailers are anything to go by - NewKirk has to face his own inadequacies the way young Lt. Kirk did. Hopefully, this time it won't cost the lives of almost 400 shipmates...
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