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04-22-2013, 02:44 PM
Ahh, how the new crystal catastrophe scoring system really brings out the teamplay instincts in people.

Was running the instance, when i noticed one ship (let's call them a non-carnivore) ignoring everything except the large crystal fragments. They'd be shooting them, ignoring the small fragments and thus healing the CE. Extending the final phase for much, much longer than seemed polite...or enjoyable for anyone else.

I sent them a polite tell, inquiring if they knew that they were healing the CE.

After the round,they sent me a reply telling me they knew exactly what they were doing and, oh first place for them!

Hurrah for teamplay.

Perhaps, the new scoring system isn't incentivising players in exactly the way cryptic intended......maybe they should call it a 'rewarding-the-troll' system......