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04-22-2013, 02:47 PM
Originally Posted by askray View Post
Unfortunately from what I know of the situation there isn't much that can be done. with that bug you just kinda gotta keep hammering away till it unmutes or mute someone else, unmute them then unmute the other person. It takes a few but it does work.

As it's been stated a lot, bugs unless requiring feedback will never get a response. If you have a bug you'd like to discuss, and possibly get feed back, thats what the forums are for However your statement is 100% false as they do try to fix every bug, exploit or not.
The thing is that they should keep the players within the loop informed on what is going on. I have had a bug that was "sent to QA" where I cannot change the appearance of my Fleet Excelsior for more than five months now and I have heard nothing. That's nearly half a year now. I a company want's to give the impression that they don't care about customers, don't keep them in the loop for several months.