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04-22-2013, 03:30 PM
Short Term
AFK report system - After 30 seconds of inactivity, other players in an STF can report the inactive person as AFK (The option now appears if they right click the idle player). This sets off a 30 second timer, after which they will be kicked from the STF and a slot opened for a new player to fill. If they move the timer is canceled, but logged for the duration of the STF. Once one person reports the AFKer the option disappears for the others (i.e. only can report one AFK incident at a time). If the person is reported 3 total times in one STF as AFK then on that third time they are autokicked & replaced. I am not looking for any kind of temp or permanent ban system, just something to remove true AFKers from an STF so they do not benefit from idling and burdening others who want helpful teammates.

The ability to target friendlies for heals WHILE still targeting hostiles for attacks is needed. Its a huge coordination pain to try to heal and battle at the same time. A second (friendly) focus would help make healing a more viable play style.

Mid Term
More customizable ship parts. I would love to have ships you already have access to result in usable parts for later ship designs you have.

Long Term
A lot more variety in STFs!!! Most STFs are pretty monotonous. Mirror & No Win Scenario are actually approaching something challenging in that they have stages of progression. Make more STFs where you have to face progressive waves, of increasing difficulty with rewards at each stage based on that difficulty. And yes, make some with the end stages very hard... where players MUST actually be good to win. Too many are winable if u just stick with it (die 50K times) and wear the AI down. Make a real challenge and progressive rewards system (whether it be more marks, better loot drops, etc). Theres a TON of EASY material out there for casual players, but CHALLENGE us too so that serious players will have something to confront!

And make some STFs where you cannot respawn endlessly, so that you have to stay alive to win. I would not be averse to having normal play as it is now, respawn endlessly no damage. Hard comparable to Elite (respawn with repair), and Elite as NO RESPAWN. THAT would be a lot more fun! You would truly have to be good to win and have something to brag about!

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