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04-22-2013, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by squishkin View Post
The names, but not the bonuses.

Set 2: Tetryon Amplification
Set 3: Refracting Assault

if I was a gambling man, I'd bet that the Set 2 bonus is +7.6% Tetryon damage and +15.2 to particle generators. I'm fairly confident on the former, the latter is just guesswork based on what else is buffed in the Tholian reputation system.

If I were to further gamble, with even less certainty, I would say that Set 3 is probably a click power, two minute recharge, which provides either a special refractive BFAW power or upgrades the Hyper Beam Bank to fire a super-refractive pulse.
Cheers for the info, and I must say as a huge fan of tetryon weapons who has invested in high end tet consoles, its good to hear they'll be getting a buff. Their blue colour is perfect for my Charal.

The tier 5 click power is also apparently boosted by tetryon consoles, making them an even better choice.

Now to go and spend all my ec on tetryon tac consoles so I can sell them at a huge profit when LoR goes live and all the pvpers rush to change to tet weapons. MWAHAHAHA.

The consoles giving an acc bonus to beams is also great news, since it means the hyper dual beam bank will definitely be at least somewhat viable in pvp. That and itll also be a much needed buff to cruisers/sience ships.

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