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04-22-2013, 04:09 PM
Turn-Rate issue:
Perhaps consider the Odyssey/Bortas console set bonus too?
Additionally, perhaps an "inertia" value bonus could be implemented along with that? I mind slow turn rate much less than skidding. >_>

Back to topic:
I don't test on Tribble as of yet, but I'm noticed from what clips have been uploaded to Youtube the way the singularity cores have been performing.

One change I'm surprised doesn't seem to have been considered with the singularity mechanic would be to make it more granular. After all... don't you have five 'ticks' to fill? Respective powers tied to the singularity cores could perhaps only consume part of the meter rather than all of it. That way, you get more mileage out of something like Plasma shockwave, faster, and might be able to pull off more than one in a row if you had accumulated a charge (as in, it'd consume 20% of the gauge and have it's full effectiveness).

* * *

Another point I noticed was how more-involved battles tended to only last long enough to creep up to around 40% of the gauge, only to see it end with the accumulated energy unused and then largely petter out by the time the warbird closed in on other targets. Couldn't it be envisioned that the charge could stay?

As I see it, people have a tendency to try to hoard things which aren't complete, rather than go for a half-assed effect... which is probably why you don't end up seeing players use their core abilities around 20-30-40%. And if they do, they aren't impressed. Contributing to that is how it doesn't carry over from fight to fight even if you did save it, since it goes down at a quick clip.

Considering that, and the present theme that the singularity core builds up a charge when the ship is at 'high activity'... maybe it'd be a good idea to have the Romulan cloak contribute to also build up the charge? That way, a warbird could at least cloak between fights and preserve said stored energy... and maybe even build it up some too (cloaking takes a lot of power, so, it fits the theme). On top of that, it adds the great benefit (IMHO) to emphasizing the importance and value of cloaking for the Romulan Warbirds.