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04-22-2013, 05:34 PM
Honestly who cares if they up every escort 2-5 turn. lol

Its diminishing value.

I run tachyos but never rcs... cause they are unneeded.

Most players can't even handle there escort turn now so what are you worried about. lol

Really imo its not the top end that is the issue its the bottom end.

At around 18 or so turn its enough to keep guns arced almost all the time right now... anything more isn't any big deal... even against other escorts turning at 22+....

The only real issue is ships stuck at sub 10 and this change fixes that so people need to buck up. lol

No cruiser is ever going to out turn an escort you simply need to be able to turn fast enough to get position or out of one for a few seconds.... you need the base to be acceptable enough to synergize with short duration escapes like evasive ect.

This change is good for everyone... it will boost cruisers THE MOST BY FAR... as some of the slowest turners can now hit that min acceptable performance number that they are so far from now.
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