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04-22-2013, 04:59 PM
D7 with a different paintjob? Could see that work with minimal effort. Only issue is making it recognize the correct ship reward. However why would you want it over the Mogai unless you are giving them a carbon copy of the KDF K'Tinga? Currently the KDF D7 is actually more science orientated (and better) than the Kamarag.

That said it changes it to Obsliek if you are a Romulan (that reman guy, unsure if that is his correct name) so who knows, maybe they were planning something?

Forgot to add, I do see issues with giving them a K'tinga. Reviewing stats, the Romulan Warbird at ltcmdr level pretty much trumps everything there including cstore ships. They may have to give warbirds a nerf or everything else a buff.
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