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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
What are the 1/4 impulse (otherwise unbuffed - running at your normal Eng Power) turn rates for your guys?


Mirror Vo'Quv (base 5) - 6.5 (she needs a respec bad, lol)
Mirror Star (base 7) - 11.4
Mirror Vor'cha (base 10) - 18.0
Chel Grett (base 13) - 25.6
JHEC (base 13) - 25.1

Mirror Deep (base 13) - 26.1
Mirror Advanced (base 16) - 29.7
Hegh'ta (base 21) - 44.1

This ships in SandyBrown have a RCS Mk XI.
The ships in YellowGreen have a Tachyo.

Anything below 20 feels sluggish. Anything over 80 and I can lose track of which way I'm facing if I'm covered in effects on a small ship. I hit EM on the Hegh'ta and I'm at 124...

My non-Cruiser guys will generally be sitting mid/high 30s to low/mid 40s.

Heck, it's like testing the Ody w/ Chevron over on Tribble on the guy that flies the Chel Grett. With the Chevron out, his 1/4 was ~22. With EPtE, he was in the 40s. Hit EM and he was in the 70s. In a space whale...wheeeeee.

I couldn't imagine multiple RCS consoles, EPtE, and hitting EM on a B'rel over on spinning a top, eh?

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