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I think I was playing some of the new KDF Tutorial Missions as a Romulan, I am unsure if this is a bug or intentional? Anyway here are some observations.

1:We've got Klingon Fever.
- Seems like a lot of dialog choices, including my character's and Romulan npc's suddenly believe they are Klingon. All start acting, talking and behaving like Klingons. Not a complaint, actually kind of funny to watch. All they need to do is start resolving conversations with headbutts and the process will all be complete. (Note though, why aren't there more headbutting scenarios in game? We are struggling to meet our headbutting quota as it is!)

2:All missions at once
-It seemed like the missions I was given looked like they were to be played in a certain order, except it came at me like a mesh of disorganized chaos. Still made it feel less linear and gave me a list of interesting tasks to complete in any order I chose.

3:Rura Penthe
-This screams obvious as a tutorial mission due to the way that an npc is introduced and sounds like they will join your crew afterwards; as well as the fact that your Romulan Warbird decides to magically transform into a Klingon Bird of Prey and go on a hunting trip through the frozen wastes.

So anyone notice anymore interesting observations that they have noticed but are unsure are bugs or not?
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