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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
I think you still live in the Trek universe before J.J. happened. And I don't blame you for that, personally I'd prefer it as well.
But with what has hapened in Romulan space and what has become of the Romulan Star Empire, it wouldn't make sense in STO for Feds. and KDF to ally just to finish off a scattered and crushed people. I'm not saying that the Romulan faction couldn't have been the RSE anyway, but after Cryptic's decision to involve them into power-fights and assasinations, then introduce the faliure that is Sela as the Empress and have her dissapear, giving Obisek control over the forge and finally creating a civil war in Romulan space after that, it wouldn't make sense for us to have A Fed./KDF alliance to stand against Romulans since obviously the Romulans are nowhere near of capable to handle that kind of opposition at the moment.

So in essence, the direction that Cryptic decided to take the story in STO makes more sense to have Romulans allying to Fed. & KDF, then Fed. & KDF allying to crush already defeated Romulans. Besides, these are D'Tan's Romulans after all, makes sense for them.
Please don't mention the name that should never be spoken regarding the Trek universe - it's his warped alternate universe that moves from 1 explosion/chase/esplosion to the next every 30 seconds - it seems that has become the lenght of American's ability to stay focased on a scene these days - truely sad. American tv and movies follow this 30 second scene rule it seems - I guess they go with the scientific studies to show that the avg adults attention span has dropped massively over the last 30 years and continues to drop. You can't really have many blockbusters with actual story telling these days