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04-22-2013, 07:53 PM
When I first saw this thread I thought, no.
But, the more I think about it, it actually sounds kind of cool.
Cruisers where supposed to have a bigger warp core and a higher power output than escorts and science ships, but the reality is that it's usually just 5 more power to a subsystem.

Could do something like a cruiser only ability that lets you dump your auxiliary power into a selected subsystem and give it a bonus 5-20 power into a subsystem and get a slight bonus to that subsystem. Could be placed in the same spot where carrier and some science vessels get the target subsystem buttons. Cruisers would then only get 15 power to a predetermined subsystems (like most escorts and science vessels) but would then have the freedom to decide where to put the extra 10 power (for a net gain of 5 extra power over current).

Auxiliary power to weapons:
increases weapon power by 10. Your beam weapons hit with such force that there is a 2% chance to knock your target back a few yards and disable non shield subsystems for 2 seconds (would probably have its own cooldown time like phaser weapon proc).

Auxiliary power to shields:
Increase shield power by 10. Your shields have a 2.5% percent chance to completely deflect an energy attack and a 2.5% chance to reduce the damage from a kinetic attack by 50%. Reduces crew injuries and crew deaths by 50% while shield facing is active.

Auxiliary power to engines:
Increase engine power by 10. Increase your speed and turn rate by 5%. Snare and immobilizing effects will not reduce you below 25% of normal speed.

Auxiliary power to auxiliary:
Increase auxiliary power by 10. Increases stealth detection by 10%. Increases healing effectiveness by 5%. Lowers the duration of disabled subsystem by 25%.

Would probably put in a cool down between switching subsystem powers. When you disable one auxiliary power to switch to another there would be a 10-15 second switch time.

Like I said, just thinking about what could have been .