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04-22-2013, 08:35 PM
so let me get this strait, my excellent build that uses plasma weapons, EWP3 and plasma torpedoes, all getting their plasma damage and plasma dot buffed thanks to the plasma energy consoles, is now getting all that synergy destroyed? because of the wimpiest damage skill in the game, plasma shockwave? because you thought it should not be buffed like every other plasma damage dealing thing in the game?

oh boy, i sure am liking this singularity crap now. guess i'll throw all those plasma weapons in the trash, theres no reason to self nerf by using them now. all them STF set shields make them worthless, but at least they helped out the DOTs i also ran. that plasma build, definitely not running it on any romulan ships now, i'll be switching to disrupters then.

what synergy are you going to destroy next? tac buffs buffing exotic damage too? there'd be exactly zero reason for a tac to use a sci ship then, or to use the breen ship, MVAM, ambassador, kamarang, and anything else with mid to high level sci skills. but by all means, go ahead and ruin more synergy, make the only thing that works in this game be escorts and DHCs. i guess the EPt skills being the worst skill change ever perpetrated on us just isn't enough is it?
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