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04-22-2013, 09:05 PM
Oh, I figure that's something he's learning now.

That angle came from an anomaly in the story- I had some trouble figuring out why a Reman Starfleet officer would wear the traditional garb of his people (everyone else on the bridge these days is wearing the WoK uniform, which is as close as we can get to the Lost Era uniform), till I hit on the "rediscovering his 'ethnic' pride" angle of his backstory.

The discovery that Obisek was _not_ some mad terrorist, that there _was_ a future for Remans that didn't involve being slaves, was something of a revelation for Dr. Karatek. For a (very rough) comparison, imagine something like a Worf who won at the end of Sins of the Father = "Hey, my people's culture is actually pretty great after all!" Added to that the idea that it's a culture under threat, well, wearing his people's garb proudly is the least he could do!

And yeah, his losses were less personal than those of his crewmates, and thus easier to deal with.

As for what he's like personally, well, personal pride isn't something that comes easily to him - he's a bit self-effacing for a Trek doctor. Comes from growing up Reman on Earth.

(I did like the idea of having Remans settle among cold volcanoes in Iceland...)

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